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Employment Law

Website Design for Employment Law Attorneys

At Internet LAVA, our internet marketing and website design company provides cost-effective solutions for both plaintiff and defense employment law attorneys wanting to grow their practice. Both individuals and employers concerned about a potential employment law issue will turn to the internet to find answers to basic questions.

After conducting a national search they begin to learn more about specific legal terms that may relate to their employment or discrimination claim. These individuals and businesses will quickly begin looking for a local attorney in their area to handle their employment related legal problem.

View a website we designed employment law attorneys in Hartford, Conneticut, for ideas and inspiration.

Websites Based on Better Content Targeted to Your Jurisdiction

Internet marketing allows the attorney to publish an unlimited amount of information about their practice and how they provide solutions to their clients. One website can contain hundreds of pages each addressing a different type of employment law issue. In the employment law arena, both plaintiff and defense attorneys are turning to internet marketing to effectively advertise their services and enhance the reputation of their law firm. At Internet LAVA, LLC, we build websites based on provide better content to answer the questions of your ideal clients.

Any many ways, the website acts much like an initial consultation with the viewer. The viewer can learn more about your practice, your personal style, and the types of legal services that you provide. Unlike other forms of advertising for employment laws, a powerful website acts much like a magnet attracting your ideal clients.

Free Consultation for Employment Lawyers Interested in Internet Marketing

At Internet LAVA we provide a free 30 minute consultation to any labor or employment lawyer interested in learning more about the new direction of internet marketing and website design. During the consultation we will take you on a tour of what your ideal clients in your area are currently finding when they begin their search for an attorney. We can show you how other attorneys in your area are winning the race to dominate the search engines.

Once you understand your competition and how the internet marketing really works, you can begin to understand the solutions that we provide based on better content, more content, better backlinks, more backlinks, harnessing the power of social media, effectively using professional legal videos. Most importantly, we can show you how easy it really is to edit or add to the content on any page of your website within minutes through the best content management system available to attorneys.

While other law firms in your area spend thousands of dollars a month on websites that are nothing more than a fancy electronic brochure you can walk away from the consultation with a real education on how internet marketing will continue to effect the way you grow your practice. Getting ahead of the curve now means taking market share for years to come.

Writing Better Content for an Employment Lawyer's Website

An effective website is much more than an electronic brochure. An effective website provides lots of informative, authoritative and educational content on a wide variety of topics all organized in a way that allows the viewer to quickly find the information and answers their basic questions on specific topics.

An entire employment or labor law website can be build around any of the following specific topics or a website can encompass many of these topcis in separate sections of the website each targeted to your geographical :

  • Plaintiff's Employment Law Firms
  • Employment Law Defense Firms
  • US Employee Benefits Law
  • US Employee Rights
  • US Employee Benefit Plans
  • Grievance and arbitration hearings for union member
  • Administrative agencies hearings for local, state and federal employees
  • Employment Discrimination

Sexual Harassment Discrimination
EEOC proceedings
Sex Discrimination
Disability Discrimination
Age Discrimination
Discrimination based on National Origin
Discrimination based on Race or Color
Discrimination based on Sexual Preference
Discrimination based on Marital Status
Discrimination based on Pregancy
Discrimination based on Religious Preferences

  • Wrongful Termation or Discharge
  • Minimum Wage Violations
  • Unpaid Overtime Pay
  • Unpaid Commissions
  • VIolations of the Family and Medial Leave Act
  • Employee Negotiations and Contract Reviews
  • Negotiations for Non-Disclosure Agreements
  • Severance Negotiations and Reviews
  • Employment Torts
  • Workers Compensation Claims

Many employment lawyers ask us why so much content is needed. The answer requires understanding how the search engines help individuals find the information they are seeking. For an effective website, the search engines will take the viewer to a particular page, often deep within the website. Many viewers never even see the homepage of the website.

Effective website design for employment law firms allows your viewer to find the information they need so that they will then contact your law firm for an initial consultation after they determine that you are the right attorney, in the right area for their particular type of case.

Our Solutions for Labor and Employment Law Websites

Contact Internet LAVA to find out more about the new direction of internet marketing based on better content and a more effective website design. We work only with attorneys. Our approach provides the most cost-effective solutions that provide you with an immediate return on investiment that continues to grow over time as your labor and employment law practice grows.

Article last updated on Friday, June 5, 2015.

Resources and Links for Developing Content on Labour Law (Labor and Employment)

Statistics on Sexual Harassment - Information and materials from the EEOC.

Sexual Harassment Hotline

United States Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC)

Civil Rights under Title VII - The Civil Rights Act of 1964 and other civil rights statutes.

Legal Information on Employment Discrimination - A wealth of information provided by Cornell University's Legal Information Institute or LII.

Document Center for the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA)

U.S. Department of Justice Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) - Material on the Americans With Disabilities Act.

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