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8 Tips on Redesigning Your Law Firm's Website

Website Redesign for Lawyers

Contact Internet LAVA for a free, educational consultation if you are considering redesigning your website or moving it from another interent marketing company. Many attorneys hire us after being disstatisfied with the services provided by another company. When we redesign the website, we understand the importance of keeping all of the "juice" the website has built up over time.

We work hard to recreate the exising pages on a new content management system that provides you with total control over the content. We also rearrange the navigation system so that it is easier for the veiwer to use. We make the graphics more appealing. We make revisions to the function and appearance of the website. Every step of the redesign is systematically planned out in advance until our client is completely comfortable with the changes and ready for the relaunch. For many law firms launching the website quickly is a primary concern.

  1. Keep the URL the same.
  2. Keep the URL for the interior pages the same if any page has obtained a page rank.
  3. If you can not keep the URL for the interior pages the same or if the page has not obtained a page rank, create a redirect to the page so that the earch enginges know that you have redesigned and reorgainized the content.
  4. Add at least 40 pages of additional unique informative content.
  5. Look at the off site optimization of the legal website to make changes and improvements.
  6. Create a press release to announced the changes and redesign of the website for the law firm.
  7. Announce the redesign on all of the new social media and professional profiles created for the law firm.
  8. Take new pictures of the staff, the attorneys, the building, the lobby, the conference room for the website so the website has a more custom, professional, and friendly feel.
  9. Redesign and update the logo so fit with the new website and reinforce the new look of the law firm's marketing direction.

At Internet LAVA we help attorneys redesign their primary website with the best content management systems for attorneys. We can help you accomplish the following goals:

  • Reoganize the Content
  • Recast the Feel
  • Reshape the Design
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