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Creating a professional series of videos about your law firm remains the most cost-effect way to market your practice. Internet Lava has created a video player specifically for attorneys and others in the legal profession. We work with you at every stage of the process from planning the video shot, editing the video, uploading the videos into our video player on your website, distributing the video on your custom YouTube channel, and uploading the video on hundreds of other platforms for legal professionals.

Attorney Video Marketing

Your Ideal Client is Looking for a Voice in the Courtroom – Video Shows them What They Get

Websites for attorneys that have video perform better than websites that do not have video. Especially for attorneys, anyone looking for an attorney is looking for a “voice” in the courtroom. Your ideal clients want to see you, hear you speak, find out whether you like your job, find out more about your personal style, and find out more about your practice.

Conversion Rates Jump When Video is Added to the Website

We know that attorneys who add a video to their website see their conversion rate jump dramatically. “Conversion rate” refers to the number of individuals that visit your website and actually become paying clients. No matter how much traffic your website receives, unless you are converting those visitors into paying clients then your efforts are being wasted. By adding video you compel your ideal clients to take action.

Creating a Video for the Website – What Do We Talk About?

The best topics for the attorney’s videos are those same topics that your potential clients are most interested in early in their case before they have settled on hiring an attorney. Do you find yourself saying the same things again and again during your first meeting with a potential client? If so, consider a video on that exact topic.

Another great topic for an attorney’s website video is some controversial topic. For example, if you are a criminal defense attorney, you might film a video on the efforts to legalize marijuana in your state. If you are a DUI attorney, you might film a video on “10 Ways to Fight a DUI Case.”

For a personal injury attorney, you might add a video on how an attorney determines how much the case might be worth. For a family law attorney, you might add a video on how child support is calculated in your state or factors that going into the court’s decision to award alimony.

If you are thinking about creating a series of videos for your website you might be asking yourself – “What do we talk about?”

  • Create a short video (2 minutes or less) on each of your major practice areas
  • Answer the general questions that come up again and again during intial consultations for each practice area.
  • Then create a video talking about what motivated you to become an attorney in your particular practice area.
  • Talk about what your law firm does to be active in the legal community.
  • Talk about the charity work that your law firm does to give back to the community.

Momentum Behind Video Websites

At Internet Lava we understand the momentum behind video websites. We can show you examples of the YouTube channels that we have created for our clients. We can show you how one video can be picked up by hundreds of blogs and other websites adding a tremendous wave of traffic to your main website. We can show you how these videos show up on the first page of Google for many common searches.

Although filming a video may seem like a daunting task – our best advice is “do it once and do it right!” By having Internet Lava help you with every detail of the shoot from the script to the lighting to the editing, you can make sure that the final product is exactly what you want. In one day, each attorney at your law firm can film up to 20 short videos that can each be edited into an effective marketing tool that can be added to hundreds of other places on the web.

Domino Effect to Video Marketing for Attorneys

At Internet Lava we can create a Video Website Platform on your main website where any client can watch all of your videos. Additionally, each targeted video can be seen from the individual page on your website that discusses that topic. Finally, we can add each of your videos to hundreds of third party websites.

Videos are effective because you can link the video directly from many of your profile pages such as AVVO, Cornell’s Legal Information Institute Profile, Google Business Listing, Yahoo Business Listing, and Bing Business Listing.

Furthermore, you can submit these videos to a plethora of websites that are highly ranked such as:

Find Out More About Adding Video to Your Website

Contact Internet Lava if you are interested in finding out more about how video can be used to market your law firm. We can show you examples of the work that we have done for other attorneys. We can help you create a Video Website that will keep you one step ahead of your competition. Find out how videos on your website can increase your conversion rate. Call Internet Lava for more information at 1-800-292-Lava.

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