Charles Moss

Charles Moss - Web Developer - Internet Lava, LLC

Charles Moss
Senior Developer

Charles is a self-taught software developer with 7 years of experience developing responsive and interactive web applications. Having a passion for developing top-notch code and user experiences, he believes software that is beautiful on the inside and the outside is something everyone can benefit from.

Under previous employment, Charles developed web-oriented administrative tools for a large variety of use-cases. In addition to this, he also gained experience with automated email drip-campaigns, custom invoice management, product management software and even a few web-based games.

As a web developer for Internet Lava, Charles has the responsibility of converting visual designs into responsive and interactive web applications that work well on devices of all shapes and sizes. Charles is also skilled in functional development, which entails developing business-oriented solutions with technologies like WordPress, MySQL, JavaScript and PHP.

As a passion, Charles has recently developed an interest in web applications that specialize in ease-of-use for mobile devices, sometimes referred to as PWAs (Progressive Web Apps). He has taken this interest to the next level by learning how to develop website features that are not only offline-capable but also feel and behave very much like native mobile applications.

Charles enjoys staying on top of industry standards; always striving to use the most appropriate and modern technologies to solve the problems he faces as a developer.

The ideal side-project that Charles enjoys working on carries the characteristics of offline-capable, mobile responsive, interactive and optimized to perform well even on slow internet connections. Apart from his interests in development, Charles has a mild interest in playing piano, gaming, and listening to music of all genres.

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