Glory Handshy

Glory Handshy - Administrative Manager - Internet LAVA, LLC

Glory Handshy
Administrative Manager

Glory grew up on a farm in rural Oklahoma, where she learned to value hard work, common sense and tenacity. She has consistently integrated all of these qualities into her professional life since entering the workforce at the age of 13. From that time forward, Glory gained office experience in a variety of fields that include accounting, fine art, emergency medicine, corporate leasing and website development. In each administrative position she has held over the past 20 years, she has retained her aptitude for excellent customer service and attention to detail. Although she has often been called “a jack of all trades,” she takes it as a great compliment, since initiative and diligence are integral parts of every trade.

In her current position with Internet Lava, Glory is responsible for a variety of tasks from accounts to reception and from human resources to office management. She also serves as a registered Notary Public in the state of Texas. Her experience with professional documentation, executive assistance, and web marketing has become a valuable asset to this position. Because of her desire to learn about all topics, she has gained insight into Google Adwords and basic HTML coding. To her, being a motivated helper to clients and colleagues is the most fulfilling part of her job.

In her spare time, you can expect Glory to be reading, learning a new skill, enjoying warm weather at every opportunity, and savoring Houston cuisine. Above all, she loves being a mom to her 4 year old daughter, Annalyse.

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