Jennifer Zapata-Bruno

Jennifer Zapata-Bruno - Content Marketing Strategist - Internet Lava, LLC

Jennifer Zapata-Bruno
Content Marketing Strategist

Jennifer was born and raised in New York where she attended The City College of New York and earned her Bachelor of Arts in Economics and Political Science with a minor in Public Policy and Public Affairs. Throughout her college career, Jennifer has been an active member in the immigrant and Hispanic community of New York. She was Treasurer of The City College of New York’s Dream Team, which gave her a unique perspective of the situation in her community and provided her with the opportunity to utilize her skills to serve other underprivilege groups through fundraising events and collaborations with other organizations. In addition, during her time in college Jennifer was a volunteer for the IBREA Foundation, and a recipient of the Caucus CUNY Scholars Program and the Model NYS Senate Project. She had the opportunity to intern for the Transportation industry and with a New York State Assembly member where she found her passion of public policy and affairs. Jennifer enjoys being an active member in her community and finding ways of helping others.

After graduation, Jennifer decided to move to Houston and explore other opportunities. Now, as a member of Internet LAVA’s web copywriters, Jennifer uses her prior knowledge to write, research, and edit content. Her goal is to write content that is high-quality and provides proper information to the readers. After hours, Jennifer enjoys running, playing with her dogs, and reading.

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