Toby Vyvjala

Toby Vyvjala - Director of Digital Marketing - Internet Lava, LLC

Toby Vyvjala
Director of Digital Marketing

Toby is a native Houstonian and proud Texan. He grew up in the city during the week but spent most weekends in the country on his grandparents’ farm. He likes to comment that his upbringing was the best of both worlds. When Toby is not outdoors he is behind the computer monitor monetizing opportunities for law firms. He brings to the Internet Lava team over 15 years of legal digital marketing experience from the most competitive markets in the United States.

Toby’s passion for driving traffic to websites and lead generation started at Texas A&M University while he was obtaining his Bachelor of Business Administration degree in Management Information Systems. He was drawn towards website marketing because he enjoyed the creative elements of web design paired with the challenges of customer acquisition through marketing. Website marketing was a strong fit, and Toby loves his work.

Toby is highly skilled in planning and executing search engine marketing campaigns, pay-per-click advertising and optimization projects. He is very knowledgeable in lead generation, brand management, competitive analysis, tracking & analytics, process improvements, reputation management and social media marketing.

In his spare time, Toby enjoys fishing, cooking and nature. He is a certified Texas Master Beekeeper who maintains honey bees in and around Houston. He also volunteers as a speaker to local schools and community groups, like the girl scouts, to educate children and raise awareness about honey bees and our local pollinators.

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