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    Internet LAVA

    Attorney Internet Marketing and Website Design

    At Internet LAVA, we design websites and develop internet marketing strategies exclusively for attorneys. Our clients achieve a dominating presence across the internet because:

    • We create dozens of pages of unique informative content on the topics most important to the attorney's ideal clients;
    • We provide attorneys with a full-service marketing strategy that adapts to changes in technology and search trends; and
    • We provide attorneys with the most cost-effective techniques for creating a strong web presence across several online mediums, which quickly provides an incredible return on investment.

    We welcome your calls to discuss your short and long-term online marketing goals. It is our goal to help you come to an informed decision about your law firm's future. During the free consultation we take you on a tour of what your ideal clients currently find when they begin the search for an attorney. We also show you real-time analytics data and rankings, highlighting our proven techniques used to help you outrank the competition.

    Our techniques provide you with a strong online presence with a powerful and engaging website at its center. With Internet LAVA at your side, you can focus on your growing practice while we help generate the quality leads you need through our comprehensive online marketing strategies.

    Achieve optimal results by utilizing:

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    Website Design for Attorneys

    Internet marketing acts like a magnet that attracts your ideal clients. One of the most important factors in the success of your internet marketing strategy revolves around the attorney website design. An attorney's website should be presented to the potential client in a way that reflects professionalism, experience, and reliability.

    A unique brand identity and easy-to-navigate design are also key factors for this successful presentation. The ultimate goal of a website's design is to get the visitor to engage in your message and take action, whether by picking up the phone to call your office or by submitting an email inquiry.

    Additionally, it's critical to incorporate the distinct qualities of your law firm within the website. Every legal practice is unique since your experience or distinguishment in niche areas of law provides valuable advantages for clients. This niche focus can also be profitable for your firm as potential clients are often searching for very specific practice areas and services.

    An effective website is the most important step in law firm marketing. You only have a brief window of time to make a lasting first impression and engage the user. Our professionally designed websites can help you convert a passive visitor into an engaged prospective client. Presentation is among the most important elements that can help your website retain the attention of users.

    We work with attorneys to develop custom designed websites that take advantage of these areas, which can efficiently be marketed on-line for a quick return on investment.Our other online marketing strategies further help to ensure a strong conversion rate among your website's visitors.

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    Writing Content for an Attorney's Website

    Each page of the website should give helpful information to the reader – the same type of information that your potential clients seek during their initial consultation. This informative and practical approach to content writing does more than set you apart from the often-generic competition. It reassures visitors that you have the knowledge to help them through their specific situation and are an authority within your practice area.

    At Internet LAVA, we know that writing content for an attorney website requires understanding your practice and the results you want to achieve. We work with you to translate these details into an engaging message tailored to your ideal client. Furthermore, your content is written in-house and is critically-reviewed by an attorney on staff. It also adheres to the bar rules for attorney advertising in your specific state.

    Our content writing strategies are based on quality, specificity, and clear organization – signals that Google and other search engines consider when ranking your website. This content is then adjusted based on performance data, making enhancements based on previous user engagement statistics and search trends.

    Since our mission includes helping attorneys stay ahead of the curve, we create the websites on an easy-to-understand content management system (CMS). We provide guidance to help you add additional content to the website or make any desired changes. If you can send an e-mail, then you can quickly learn to add or edit the content to your law firm's website.

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    Search Engine Visibility

    The first and most important aspect of attracting your ideal client is being visible on the search engines. Where do consumers look when they use the internet to find an attorney? Google, Bing, and Yahoo are the three most popular search engines that control the vast majority of online searches. These three internet search engines help billions of consumers easily find what they are looking for online, including lawyers in their area.

    While other attorneys spend thousands of dollars a month and focus on expensive pay per click campaigns, we help our clients focus their resources a more cost-effective and long-term solution: search engine optimization (SEO). SEO refers to the process of making your website rank higher in the main (also called "organic") search results. The organic rankings on the search engines do not cost dollars per click. In fact, SEO allows you to rank for hundreds of broad and specific search phrases that are being actively used by potential clients in your area.

    Many attorneys think of SEO as some mystical, secret formula. In reality, SEO is more transparent and methodical than that. There are many ranking factors that can determine where you sit in search results. This includes optimization and enhancements we make to content on the website as well as creative SEO we do off-site. In the end, our efforts allow law firms to rank for the searches that their clients are actually making.

    SEO for an attorney's website requires a network of quality inbound links from relevant pages on other websites. We use quality online legal directories, articles, press releases, social media distribution, and other avenues to create links for the website. The search engines look to those quality links as a "vote" in your website's favor, placing more weight on the website as rankings are decided.

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    A Dominating Internet Presence Requires Social Media

    Having a great website is not enough, especially as new online mediums gain widespread use. At Internet LAVA, we understand that a successful internet marketing strategy requires a complete online presence that includes using social media.

    Think of your online presence as a mosaic of hundreds of other websites that link to one another. If you write a short article on an interesting topic within your focused practice area, that article can be published or linked from hundreds of other social and business profiles. One short video on a particular legal topic can be placed on your website and spread across your social media profiles.

    A small investment of your time can create a huge wave of traffic to your website. Even better, the search engines view user engagement among these social media outlets as an indication that your website is unique and worthwhile, allowing you to rise above your competition.

    Did you know that there are hundreds of high-traffic websites that we can use to easily publish information about your practice for absolutely free? Just a few of these resources available to lawyers include:

    • Local Business Listings on the major search engines (such as Google Places, Bing Maps, and Yahoo! Local);
    • Legal Directories (such as AVVO or LawLink);
    • Small Business Directories (such as MerchantCircle);
    • Social Media Profiles (such as Facebook, LinkedIn, or Twitter);
    • Video Sharing (such as YouTube, Metacafe, or Vimeo);
    • Blogs (such as Wordpress or Blogger); and
    • Press Releases (such as PRWeb).

    When these online resources are used effectively, they will help your law firm's website rank higher in the search engines. At the same time, we put you in control of managing your online identity. You retain access to all of your login information and are provided with access to our project database system. This allows you to see links and project progress as changes are made.

    The battle to rank at the top of Google is becoming more and more competitive, especially for attorneys. A website by itself is just the beginning. Having the proper support structure to compliment a well-designed and search engine friendly website can help your law firm rise above the competition. At Internet LAVA, we have a history of success in maximizing these resources in the most effective manner to meet your goals.

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    The Internet LAVA Solution

    Internet LAVA is a professional website development and internet marketing company focused on helping legal professionals across the United States grow their practices. That focus allows our company to intimately understand the needs of today's attorney in the changing online world.

    Our comprehensive services help you do more than just gain targeted traffic. From the ground up, your marketing campaign is created to shape your online presence in the manner most effective in engaging potential clients.

    By choosing Internet LAVA as your website marketing company, you can be sure that your law firm's online efforts are maximized to generate consistent leads from local clients. Find out more about internet marketing for lawyers during a free and realistic assessment of your online marketing goals.

    Call us at 1-800-292-LAVA today to discuss ways we can help you dominate the search engines results and attract your ideal clients.

    Fill out the short form below to request a free 30-minute website evaluation.