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Audience perception plays a powerful role in any marketing campaign, especially one carried out online where users rely heavily on their sense of sight. A professionally designed logo should therefore be a key element in your overall marketing strategy. However, a logo should present more than an attractive image.

Law Firm Logo Design

At Internet Lava, we place heavy emphasis on creating a lasting and powerful first impression for users who reach your website. Our in-house designers understand the best uses of even the smallest visual elements to create a truly effective logo for your law firm.
The logos we create serve to:

  • Distinguish your law firm from its competitors;
  • Instill a sense of trust in potential clients;
  • Create a cohesive identity for the law firm;
  • Give a lasting and memorable impression for users; and
  • Communicate a message about the law firm (i.e. that it is compassionate, aggressive, methodical, etc.).

We collaborate with your law firm in the creation of the logo, ensuring that your vision is brought to life in this important design element. You can view samples of logos we have created for law firms or individual lawyers in our portfolio. Please call 1-800-292-Lava (5282) to learn more about how our logo design services can give you an edge over competitors.

Why is a Logo Important?

Take a second to think of a memorable brand. What comes to mind? Coca-Cola? Nike? Apple? These multinational companies have spent millions developing their iconic brand images, and it is no question as to whether it has paid off for them. Each company has legions of customers who will buy their products without a moment’s hesitation.

In the case of brands like Apple or Starbucks, the brand identity is strong enough to inspire a fierce loyalty in many customers that they associate with their own personal identity (to see this in action, try giving a Starbucks loyalist some Folgers or asking a “Mac person” what version of Windows they’re running – but brace yourself for the results).

What exactly inspires this kind of devotion? Are Macs and Starbucks coffee simply superior to every other product in their respective markets? It is up for debate, but the real reason is can be found in the way these businesses portray themselves. Granted, they do need to back up their claims with high-quality products to be successful, but quality products alone rarely inspire the kind of loyalty and trust we see in the aforementioned fans.

The marketers at these companies painstakingly construct the image of quality, creating an association that remains in our subconscious. To take advantage of this split-second, subconscious association at purchase time, these companies employ the primary tool of brand management: the logo. From this, we can see that the logo itself does not create the brand image, but rather serves as its vehicle from the company to the consumer.

How Should the Logo Look?

Since the goal is to take advantage of the consumer’s largely subconscious reaction to your image, an effective logo instantly conveys exactly the intended message. It should use images, colors, and shapes that fall in line with the emotional reaction that you wish your potential clients to have regarding your law firm. Should they feel comforted? Should they be inspired to action? Understanding what you want your clients to think and – more importantly – feel about your firm is the key to creating a logo that will engage and entice them.

However, it is not just having a “good” logo that will create the type of trust that you want in your clients. This brand image – including the logo, typography, color scheme, graphical elements, and slogans – should saturate all of your online and offline marketing strategies to create a cohesive whole that represents your company and reinforces what you want to say about yourself. Branding is all about consistency. It is what makes that association and message ring most loudly in the mind of a potential client.

Internet Lava’s Client-First Approach

With Internet Lava, you can rest assured that you have an experienced and talented designer who is working with you during the logo-design process. We create several compositions after researching your existing brand and speaking in depth with you, which you can later review. This allows you to have significant control over the design process. After all, your logo is a direct reflection of your law firm in the eyes of a potential client.

A logo is only effective if it can be integrated into all aspects of your marketing campaign. Since all of our work is custom and designed in-house, the logo plays a critical role with the website design or website redesign process. The logo is then incorporated in all of your online profiles, networks, and personas. Our clients have even used the logos we have created in their stationary, business cards, e-mail signatures, business signs, commercials, and other elements to create a cohesive and memorable statement.

Call 1-800-292-Lava (5282) or send an online message to speak with an attorney internet marketing specialist about this powerful design element and other services that we offer. Let us shape your law firm’s image into an effective tool to attract potential clients and grow your legal practice in the online era.

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