Website Design

A lawyer’s online marketing campaign begins with a well-designed website. At Internet Lava, we employ state-of-the-art techniques for designing professional, visually appealing websites that will inspire your ideal clients to schedule a consultation. Our websites capture and engage attention, turning passive viewers into motivated potential clients.

Lawyer Website Design

Our services include both law firm website redesign and fresh developments. The websites we create are custom-developed and serve several purposes in an online marketing campaign. When your ideal clients begin their search for an attorney they are impressed by a website that:

  • Looks aesthetically pleasing, professional, and personalized to the law firm;
  • Provides information about the specific legal situation they are facing; and
  • Highlights the unique talents of the attorneys that work for the law firm.

The overall goal for a law firm’s website design is to generate an inquiry from the visitor. Your ideal clients will begin their search for an attorney by looking for information specific to their legal problem or for an attorney that specializes in their exact problem. When that person finds your website, it is important that this information be presented clearly and effectively.

Our websites have visually appealing graphics and easy-to-use navigate system, minimizing the steps needed to get the user to the relevant information you wish to display.

Call 1-800-292-5282 to learn more about critical elements to an effective attorney website design. While other companies take a “hide the ball” approach, we can quickly show you how our company can meet your goals. Let us show you how we put your vision on the World Wide Web and into the hands of potential clients.

Getting the Most Out of Your Law Firm’s Website

The Five Second Rule: Website Design Tips

When someone visits your law firm’s website, the viewer will immediately make a judgment as to whether or not they are interested in obtaining your services. This usually happens within the first five seconds. If the viewer is not immediately intrigued by what they see, they will simply leave the site and look elsewhere. What impression do users get when they visit your website?

When the viewer clicks on your website, he or she should immediately be able to determine the following things about your law practice:

  • If your law firm provides solutions for the their specific legal problem;
  • If your law firm provides services within their city or county;
  • If your practice is well established and recognized for a particular practice area; and
  • The best way to reach your law firm in order to immediately to discuss a legal problem with you.

Is it possible to design a website to answer those questions in less than 5 seconds? Visit our website design portfolio to see how we create websites that keep users engaged and ready to contact your law firm.

By choosing Internet Lava as your web design company, you can be confident that your law firm’s image is truly professional and distinct. We want your ideal clients to see quickly that they have found the right attorney for their legal problem. By using the most effective techniques to give your law firm a professional image, a user who visits your website will immediately feel welcomed and confident that they have found a viable resource.

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Every Page is the Law Firm’s Home Page

Each page of the website can focus on a different practice area. When the website is designed correctly, a search term will display the exact relevant page in the search results. This may not be the homepage, which can be a bonus since it requires less effort for the user to find what they need.

Therefore, every page is just as important as your home page. Each page your website needs to be designed to attract and maintain the attention of your potential client.

While other attorney websites are designed with generic software templates, the best websites designed to make the user feel engaged with your firm’s distinct message. Colors, images, and structure go a long way towards illustrating this. The images we select can also help your clients understand your perspective on a particular legal issue. Furthermore, the attorney can play an active role in reviewing the website design, so that the result reflects the attorney’s personal style.

The best attorneys know that learning how to design their own website is not the most effective use of their time. Many attorneys have a vision, but need an experienced website design company to make it happen. We help the attorney understand how to incorporate those ideas into a polished final product.

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100% Customized and Personal Graphics

Our website designs are personalized just for you. It is our duty to take your vision and bring it to life. At Internet Lava, we do not use generic templates. Our in-house graphic designers work with each attorney, ensuring that even the smallest elements play a role in furthering the attorney’s image. Their attention-to-detail and creativity is also an asset in the branding process. The logo we create reflects your distinct tastes and the tone you wish to display.

We pay attention to every pixel to ensure high-quality graphics each and every time. We utilize strong visual elements to present your law firm as a credible resource for the types of legal cases that are most important to you. The final product is something that stands out from other attorney websites and is immediately engaging.

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Getting Your Ideal Clients to Call Your Firm

The overall goal of a successful website design is to encourage the visitor to take some sort of action. For an attorney’s website, this action will be either picking up the phone and calling your law firm or submitting an email inquiry. Our website designs are specifically geared toward generating leads. When a local consumer visits your website, their eye should be drawn to a visually appealing element that makes it perfectly clear exactly how to connect with you.

A lawyer website designed by Internet Lava will encourage the visitor to take immediate action to connect with you. This cannot be accomplished simply through the use of clever wording. Visual cues provide a strong subconscious push towards key actions such as contacting your law firm.

These cues may include color choice, image selection, structure of the design, and placement of contact forms among others. When combined, this unmistakable call to action will inspire your visitor to immediately initiate the desired action.

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Conveying Trust and Experience Through Identity Branding

Professional logo design is important for any law firm to establish long-term recognition with the public. A strong identity and professionally designed logo will help provide immediate recognition and association with the high quality of service you provide. This design element can make a lasting impression on your audience.

A law firm’s brand image is the impression in the consumer’s mind that develops over time through direct exposure to advertising materials. In order to establish brand recognition, a law firm’s advertising materials must all maintain a consistent theme. This includes the logo, color scheme, personality, and visual qualities. Our graphic designers are experienced in creating strong and memorable logos for attorneys. Furthermore, we provide several options and work hard to ensure that the final product exceeds your expectations.

At Internet LAVA, we specialize in establishing a true brand identity for your law firm by maintaining consistency across all points of contact. This includes your website, social media, blogs, and other marketing materials. We can also provide you with a high quality image of your logo, and color swatches that you can use for print graphics such as business cards and folders that will follow the same branding as your online materials. Our clients have been so pleased with this element of our services that they have used the logo in their stationary, business signs, and even commercials.

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Social Media Design – Connect with Your Ideal Clients

Many social media websites, such as Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter, will allow for custom designed graphics, templates, and backgrounds to be used on your profile page. It is important to maintain your brand identity and stay consistent throughout each online profile page that promotes your law firm. Presenting a professional image to the user is just as important with your social media as it is with your main website.

We place heavy emphasis on our engaging graphic designs, which extend beyond the website itself. We will continue to use high quality graphics throughout each social media profile that we create for you. This helps solidify your online image and show you in the best possible light to online users.

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Professional Blog Design for Attorneys

Publishing and maintaining a blog about interesting legal topics can be a powerful tool that attorneys can use to connect with new clients. In addition to providing benefit for your website’s SEO, blogging helps solidify your command of your practice area in the eyes of potential clients and the legal community. When used effectively, blogging can be a great compliment to your online marketing strategy.

It is important to have a blog that is designed with your law firm’s brand image in mind. When a visitor reads your blog, you want them to see your law firm’s logo and color scheme just as they would see visiting your website. Furthermore, this blog should be integrated on some level with your website, to make it easier for a user to reach you.

At Internet Lava, we design and publish professional legal blogs for attorneys. Blogging platforms such as WordPress and Blogger will allow you to use a custom template instead of choosing one of their default templates. Creating a custom blog template requires knowledge of web design and coding. We can create a custom blog design from the ground up or we can create a custom template design that will work with the most popular blogging sites.

If you are unsure of how to blog, we offer tutorials and provide responsive assistance at any time. Our blogging services also extend to ghost writing on behalf of your law firm. Since our in-house attorney reviews each blog entry, you can rest assured that they are written in a way that is both engaging for readers and meets stringent quality standards.

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Web Development and Coding

A professionally designed website will use the most up-to-date technology and web development techniques. It is important for a website to load quickly. You want the user to see your website instantly and not have to wait for the page to load. It also helps search rankings when the page takes little time to load (one of many factors weighed in ranking your website). Professional web development requires advanced knowledge of HTML, CSS, and other coding languages.

Internet Lava places heavy emphasis on proper website development. Our in-house web developers build each website from the ground up and satisfy W3C compliance standards. The result is a website that is more than visually appealing. Beneath the surface is a smooth running and clean foundation that is essential in a website that meets modern internet standards.

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SEO Friendly Web Design for Attorneys

When designing a website, it is important to keep SEO (Search Engine Optimization) in mind from the very beginning. Many aspects of the website design and development will affect search rankings. SEO for an attorney’s website require:

  • faster load times;
  • organized site structure;
  • file names;
  • title tags;
  • meta tags;
  • rich snippet data;
  • alt tags;
  • header tags; and
  • unique and informative content.

At Internet Lava, we build websites that are designed for the search engines as well as users. We will make sure that your website is SEO friendly and easily readable by search engines. Our design techniques utilize the latest SEO methods to make sure that search engines can easily index your pages and understand your content. Read more about SEO for an attorney’s website.

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CMS Integration – Add to or Edit Your Content

A Content Management Systems (CMS) is the platform that supports the website, allowing you to edit or add content directly from the web browser. With a CMS website, you will be able to easily add and edit content without any knowledge of web development or coding. WordPress is the most widely used CMS on the market today. Because WordPress is an open source product, constant improvement and extensive support are readily available.

At Internet Lava, we design websites using the WordPress framework. This ensures that our clients will be able to easily manage their own content and even add new pages on topics that you understand intimately. We want to ensure that you can play an active role in your website, should you choose to do so. Additionally, since search engines place heavy emphasis on content “freshness”, your participation can also help your website achieve even greater success.

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Our Solutions

Call 800-292-5282 for a free consultation to discuss how we can meet your internet marketing and website design goals. We believe the best attorneys should have the best websites. Visit our portfolio to see the websites we have created for attorneys across the country.

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