Content Management

A web site that features a Content Management System (CMS) can allow the everyday user to make edits and add content quickly and easily. With a CMS website, you can simply visit your website, login, and easily make basic edits or add additional pages of content. Even the most basic non-technical consumer can use a CMS to manage their website because no knowledge of coding or web development is necessary.

Content Management System for Law Firm Websites

A CMS website can be an extremely powerful tool for attorneys. Content is King. One of the most effective ways to rank highly in the search engines is to update your web content frequently. Adding pages on a regular basis is a sure way to guarantee that your website’s performance will always improve.

If you have a great result in a particular type of case and decide that you would like to handle more of those cases then our content management systems allows you to achieve that goal.

  • Do you have a page about this particular area of law?
  • Does the page have all the information that is most important for your ideal client when they begin their search for an attorney?
  • Can you list information about your particular experienced handling that type of case in a particular jurisdiction?

Use the information that you just gained to supplement the content already on that page. Even better, add an additional page of content on a related topic. A CMS can serve as a huge advantage to attorneys who want to stay ahead of the competition. A lawyer can easily add content to their website while it is still fresh in their mind at anytime from any computer that has a web browser and Internet access.

The Internet Lava Difference

At Internet Lava, our CMS websites are built using the WordPress framework. WordPress is the most widely used open-source Content Management System on the market. WordPress is used by web developers, administrators, and corporate businesses to build dynamic, feature rich, interactive websites.

Other attorney web marketing companies charge extra for a CMS website. To make matters worse many other companies use proprietary CMS software that was developed specifically for their company. What does that mean for the consumer? A proprietary Content Management System is unusable to anyone outside of the company that developed it. A web marketing company can develop its own CMS software in-house and the consumer can learn how to use the CMS to update their website but they are at a huge disadvantage.

A Content Management System, is a complex and sophisticated tool that uses advanced programming and database interaction. Installing, upgrading, or hosting a CMS website is impossible for someone who is not familiar with it. Proprietary CMS software cannot be used or hosted anywhere other than with the company that developed it. Although that company may tell you that you can move your website to another company later, they may not explain how complicated or expensive it will be if your website was develoed with their proprietary CMS software.

Other web companies who use proprietary CMS software are the only ones that are familiar with it, so you cannot take your CMS website with you and host it elsewhere. If your internet marketing company uses a proprietary CMS website then you are literally stuck with that company if you want to continue to have CMS capabilities with your website. Alternatively, you will be forced to move all of the content to a new platform.

The Advantages of WordPress

WordPress is a free, open-source, Content Management System that is highly flexible and backed by an extensive network of registered users. Open-source software can be improved and upgraded on a regular basis and has a much broader audience of users who are familiar with it. WordPress is a community-driven product that continues to evolve through dedication and continued development.

An Internet Lava website, that is developed using WordPress can be hosted with other web hosting providers. Many different hosting providers are familiar with WordPress and how it works. When your agreement with Internet Lava is over with, you will own your website. Most importantly you will have the option of taking it and hosting it elsewhere. With a WordPress website, you can host it with another provider and continue to have the CMS features with a vast network of support from other WordPress users.

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