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Developing a website for your law firm that is both aesthetically pleasing and provides engaging or informative content for readers is just the beginning. In order for an attorney to succeed in the increasingly competitive realm of online marketing and tap into thousands of potential clients each month, the attorney has to control every element of his or her online presence. This requires an internet marketing strategy that works on several different levels.

  • Users must be able to find your website easily using a variety of specific or broad search phrases;
  • Blog entries, video, and local map listings should rank high for searches, in conjunction with web pages from your site;
  • Benefitting from having a blog updated consistently with detailed and engaging commentary from your perspective;
  • An active social media presence on Google+, Twitter, and Facebook (among others) to help shape the perception of users and search engines about your law firm’s value;
  • When researching the attorneys at the law firm, the user should be able to find pages of optimized and fully-completed profiles for your firm; and
  • Your law firm should have various legitimate reviews or endorsements from previous clients on Google, AVVO, InsiderPages, and other popular platforms.

At Internet Lava, we understand that addressing these elements is essential if you wish to remain competitive and use a cost-effective marketing strategy. This is why we offer a full-service, custom online marketing package for attorneys. We address the specific factors that can most benefit your law firm in the eyes of the user and search engines such as Google, Bing, and Yahoo.

Our internet marketing services are also customized to meet both your short-term and long-term goals. Because we work exclusively with attorneys, we have a strong understanding of what is necessary for a law firm to succeed and meet these goals. Let us show you how we have helped attorneys in all areas across the country dominate the search engines and grow their law firms.

Call 1-800-292-5282 to schedule your free consultation and learn more about the critical elements of online search dominence for attorneys.

Critical Elements in Online Search Dominence

Can Users Find Your Law Firm…Easily?

A website for a law firm without an audience is little more than a fancy business card and can be just as easily overlooked. Such a website may receive minimal amounts of traffic, but without top search positions for terms potential clients are searching you will only get the rare phone call or e-mail. If your priority is the long-term growth of your firm, this approach misses a lot of opportunity for quality leads. It is critical that your law firm be featured prominently when a local user does research into potential representation or the legal issues they face.

Ranking high on search engines is accomplished through Search Engine Optimization (SEO). In short, SEO means optimizing the website so that the search engines can find and display the pages in the search results. SEO is the process by which a website satisfies hundreds of different elements on the website and off the website that search engines value highly. This technique is beneficial for users as well, since it helps ensure that the resources they find online are relevant and contain worthwhile information for their specific case.

We approach SEO from a comprehensive perspective, which has helped our clients advertise their services prominently using several internet platforms. The core of our strategy includes on-site optimization. This means that the high-quality content that we create contains key search terms, related search terms, and links to valuable outside resources. All of the essential meta-data (code-elements that search engines see) such as title tags, meta keywords, meta descriptions, and rich snippet text is also optimized according to best SEO practices for attorneys.

What further sets our lawyer internet marketing company is our concern for the user’s perspective. It is one thing to get a potential client to the website, but you risk losing a lead if the client is repelled due to clear over-optimization. Our SEO efforts are organically integrated into an overall marketing strategy, taking into account the best tone, language, and visual elements with which to engage a user.

Also integral to ranking a website are the off-site SEO elements, including the creation of backlinks, press releases and articles, as well as an active presence on social media outlets. Our priority is to show search engines that your off-site presence is of high quality and relevant to the purpose of your website. We use a combination of quality lawyer directories, area-specific business listings, social media profiles, press release distribution, article marketing, and other techniques to accomplish this effectively.

Our SEO strategies provide long-term sustainable benefit for your law firm (you never “rent” links from us). Search engines and users will see quality optimization that is both highly relevant and natural. Your law firm’s rankings will reflect this, putting you in a dominating search engine position at the forefront of a user’s attention.

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Achieving Several Rankings From One Search Result

There is more than one way that your law firm can appear in search results. When optimized properly and incorporated into a larger internet marketing strategy, you can take over several other prominent search positions. This can be done efficiently through targeting your niche practice areas, highlighting your command of these issues to searchers.

Your online marketing strategy can place emphasis on the following elements to gain multiple listings on a single page result:

  • Local Maps Optimization – Map listings do not appear for every search result, however they are typically displayed for the most highly searched terms. In Google, for example, you will see a “7-pack” of listings for primary keywords. By claiming, optimizing, and building trust in Google’s eyes for the listing, you can potentially rank in both the maps area and the organic search results simultaneously.
  • Videos – Few attorneys know that creating informative videos on specific topics can help the SEO process. An optimized YouTube channel and video, combined with a video marketing distribution strategy can help you gain an additional spot in the results, particularly for the more specific search phrases. When a user sees your webpage ranking and a video from your law firm on the same result, they are likelier to trust in your abilities and click through to the website.
  • Blog Entries – A well-maintained blog has the potential to rank for a large variety of keywords, in conjunction with your website. Additionally, a blog gives you the flexibility to address many topics that may be more time-sensitive or even more specific than what is already on your website. These entries can rank high in a short time-span given the minimal amount of competition. As Google and other search engines place more trust in the authority behind your blog, entries can even rank for competitive keywords.
  • Website Content – The content that we create is highly specific and contains many informative details. It is possible to have two webpages rank for a single search time. Search engines may find that both the home page and the specific page provide valuable information for the term searched. Having both pages display is done through strategic inner-linking on the website and maintaining quality content.

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Staying Ahead of the User

Most internet users understand that they have power, not just to find a service provider, but also to research just exactly who that provider is. When a user does a bit of digging into you as an attorney or your law firm, you must dominate every single result they see. Results that may show include social media profiles, lawyer profiles, business listings, articles, press releases, and any public networking profiles. However, it is not enough to simply claim these listings.

Think of these elements as single pieces of a greater puzzle that the user is trying to figure out about who you are. Each element must be shaped to give the user an idea of who you are and why you present the best services to address their present situation.

Rather than approach it from a strictly sales perspective, these “puzzles” must take into account that the reader wants more of an objective approach than what they can find on your website. Additionally, these profiles must be filled out completely with an eye towards best search engine optimization techniques.

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Take the First Steps towards Internet Domination

At Internet Lava, we understand what it takes an attorney to achieve an internet presence that is comprehensive and dominating, while still maintaining a perspective that can attract users. This requires consistent maintenance, adjustment in light of traffic statistics, and an eye for detail. Our internet marketing packages take all of the details into account in order to create an internet presence that works on several levels to connect with users.

Call 1-800-292-Lava (5282) today and learn more about the various techniques that can propel you law firm to the top of search results. Our goal is to help you not only generate leads, but also attract exactly the type of client and case that you need. Creating a comprehensive internet marketing strategy is key to accomplishing this and helping your firm succeed in the online world.

Article last updated on Thursday, June 4, 2015.

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