Website Design for Bankruptcy Law Attorneys

With the downturn in the economy, the best bankruptcy attorneys are in high demand. No other area of the law is more suited for internet marketing because your ideal clients will seek out information on-line long before they pick up the phone to schedule a meeting with a bankruptcy attorney.

Our websites are different. We build each website with better content about specific legal topics important to your ideal clients. The point of the website is to share information with your potential clients. You should share information about you and your qualifications, but most importantly you should answer your client’s preliminary questions about how you can solve their legal problem.

Call Internet LAVA to schedule an informative, free consultation to discuss your long term and short term marketing goals. We want to educate our clients about the new direction of internet marketing for attorneys. We believe that the more you know about how the search engines really work the more you will appreciate the hard work that goes into each website we design.

Click here to view a website we designed for a bankruptcy attorney in Huntington, Long Island, NY, for ideas and inspiration.

Writing Content for a Bankruptcy Law Website

During the initial consultation, many bankruptcy attorneys ask us: “Why do I need so much content? Why will read all this?” The average viewer will stay on your website for less than 2 minutes. Obviously, the average viewer is not going to read all the content. But having the content allows you to post information on vary narrow and specific topics such as:

  • Chapter 7 bankruptcy;
  • Chapter 13 bankruptcy;
  • filing bankruptcy for businesses;
  • filing bankruptcy for individuals;
  • the attorney fees involved in a bankruptcy;
  • keeping your primary residence after a bankruptcy;
  • student loans and bankruptcy;
  • judgments in civil lawsuits;
  • tax consequences of a bankruptcy;
  • child support and alimony during bankruptcy proceedings;
  • the means test; and
  • dischargeable and nondischargeable debts.

When your clients begins searching for those narrow topics, the search engines will point them directly to an interior page deep within your website. For that reason, every page of your website is the home page. Ideally, the view will click on the interior page and then go directly to the “attorney profile” page and then the “contact us” page. When the client calls the office their first question will be, “When can I meet with the attorney?”

You already know what information your potential clients will ask about. You probably find yourself answering the same questions again and again during the initial office consultation. Why not take that general information and move the answers to your website.

Many of these websites allow the public to leave reviews for the bankruptcy attorney which is quickly becoming an important factor in search engine rankings. Additionally, the profiles allow the attorney to interact socially with fellow attorneys and community leaders.

Managing the On-Line Reputation for Bankruptcy Attorneys

In the past, an attorney’s reputation in the legal community was largely word-of-mouth. Now, that reputation is increasingly decided on-line as well. When looking for an attorney, an individual may get recommendations for several attorneys. When they Google the name of that attorney, what will they find?

We provide the attorney an impressive on-line presense that will convert many of those potential clients into actual clients.

Internet Marketing is so effective because it allows you to connect with potential clients looking for information in your part of the county. The content is written around terms used for your city, county, region and state.

Find Out About the Next Generation of Internet Marketing

Contact Internet LAVA to find out why our company is different. While other companies take a hide-the-ball approach, our services are focused on providing the attorney with an incredible return on investment. We help you overcome the generation gap. An effective internet marketing strategy also allows the attorney to focus on the cases most desirable to the attorney.

Call to set up a free consultation. During that consultation we take you on a tour of what your potential clients currently find on-line when they begin their search for a consumer or business bankruptcy attorney. Let us show you the new direction of internet marketing for attorneys and this unique practice area.

Article last updated on Tuesday, June 2, 2015.

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