SEO for Criminal Defense Attorneys

SEO for Criminal Defense Attorneys

For the past ten years, Internet Lava has been focused on design websites and internet marketing strategies for criminal defense and DUI attorneys across the country. In fact, most of our clients focus their practice on criminal and DUI defense.

We represent the oldest and most well established criminal defense law firms, as well as public defenders and prosecutors when they start their own firm after entering private practice.

Over the past ten years, we have grown with our clients as their practices have thrived. Even during the COVID-19 pandemic, many of our clients have reported a small drop in new cases and a quicker recovery than other attorneys they know. Several of our clients have told us they credit their results during this time, at least in part, to their website and internet marketing strategy.

What do we do differently? First, we build the most beautiful and functional websites. Second, our SEO strategy involves working with the attorney to develop better content and more content that is updated over time.

Third, we help the attorney optimize all of their off-site profiles and social media listings. Fourth, we offer a comprehensive video marketing package that covers not just producing the video, but also optimizing it online.

Advertising for a criminal defense law firm is different than other types of practices. Call for a free consultation. We can look at your current site and marketing efforts, and show you what your closest competitors might be doing better.

We can show you what it takes to dominate your market and continue to pull ahead over time. Contact our digital marketing agency for criminal defense law firms. Let us put our experience to work for you.

SEO Tips for Criminal Defense Lawyers

Just hearing the term “SEO” often causes attorneys to cringe. But at its core, SEO just means optimizing the website for search engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo. Because we have represented so many criminal defense attorneys over the years, we have a lot of good ideas about how to develop and organize the content on the site.

Any SEO marketing expert will tell you that content is king. Although SEO strategies evolve over time, having good content never goes out of style. The main factor in SEO is having the best content that the public can find when they search online.

Consider the fact that your state has standard jury instructions for hundreds of crimes. If those crimes are common enough to warrant a standard jury instruction, then those crimes are common enough to warrant a separate page on your website.

That way, when your ideal client is searching for a defense attorney for that particular type of crime, they will see your page about on that topic at the top of their search results. Some clients will find an interior page deep within your website and never see the home page.

If the website is designed correctly, your potential clients’ next click will be on the attorney profiles or the contact page.

Many criminal defense attorneys spend too much on pay per click while neglecting any SEO strategy.

We can work with you to develop a list of the types of cases that you want. We then develop the content that will attract those cases like a magnet. SEO for a law firm requires answering your potential client’s most basic questions before they even pick up the phone.

By the time your ideal client reads the content on your website, they should be convinced that you are experienced in handling their issue, would be interested in taking their case, and can provide the best results to solve their legal problem. That way, you attract clients who need your services and can afford to pay.

Read more about internet marketing for criminal defense lawyers. Find a checklist for starting a criminal defense practice.

This article was last updated on Saturday, August 15, 2020.

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