DUI / DWI Website Design and Internet Marketing

DUI / DWI attorneys face unique problems when deciding how to market their practice online. Drunk driving defense is one of the most competitive practice areas for internet marketing.

Pay-per-click bids for phrases such as “Boston DUI Attorney” or “San Francisco DUI Lawyers” can exceed $50 a click. This niche area has become ridiculously competitive.

Many of the best DUI attorneys become frustrated with expensive directories and the cost associated with pay-per-click ads.

Younger attorneys and out-of-town attorneys tend to dominate these directories and advertising platforms.

At Internet Lava, we know the best DUI attorneys should have the best website. Dominating the search engines requires having a bigger and better website with more informative content, better graphic design, the best content management system (CMS), and a professional social media presence.

Designing Web Sites for the Best DUI Attorneys

Why are we interested in designing websites for the best DUI attorneys? The answer is simple – our product is different. Many attorneys want to take more DUI cases but also represent clients in several other practice areas. A criminal defense firm can invest in building a DUI-specific website or they can build a robust section specific to DUI / DWI defense within their criminal defense website. Internet Lava can provide all the solutions for a successful organic search marketing strategy utilizing either strategy.

Those general practitioners want to take the shotgun approach for their website because they want to add too many different and diverse practice areas.

The best DUI attorneys in town primarily focus on DUI cases. Those attorneys are willing to create websites primarily focused on drunk driving defense.

The best DUI attorneys have a considerable advantage in dominating search engines for the following reason:

  • Providing Information: Those attorneys are certainly at an advantage when providing the best information about this niche practice area and the procedures used in drunk driving cases for that jurisdiction.
  • The Best Biography: The best DUI attorneys are also at a considerable advantage because the attorney’s biography page will show the attorney’s unique qualifications to handle these cases.
  • Case Results: The best DUI attorneys have more information to provide on the website concerning their recent case results if allowed under the bar rules in their state.
  • Authoritative: Because the best DUI attorneys are in high demand, their website should also be in high demand, as other blogs and websites will link to that website because it is deemed to be authoritative.
  • Quality Back Links: Some of the most influential websites for this practice area, such as the National College of Drunk Driving Defense (NCDD) and the DUI Defense Lawyers Association DUIDLA), and many others, link to the attorney’s website.

For many reasons, the best, most well-established attorneys should have the to have the best, most well-established websites.

  • Does your website showcase your unique training and experience?
  • Are you proud of your website and the message it conveys to your ideal clients?
  • Is your website dominating the search engines for DUI cases in your particular state, county, and city?
  • Does your website provide unique, quality information that answers those questions that your clients typically ask during the initial consultation?

If not, contact Internet Lava to discuss your long-term goals for website design, SEO, and Internet marketing.

During the free initial consultation, we can help you understand how search engines really work.

Like anything else, a website requires hard work and effort. By understanding why our product is different, our potential clients begin to appreciate all the work that goes into these unique drunk driving defense websites.

Your Marketing Company Has to Understand the Drunk Driving Laws In Your State

At Internet Lava, we understand the value of unique, informative content. We believe that the key to dominating the search engines requires that the attorney actively participates in writing the content on the website.

You know the law. You know the answers to the questions unique to your jurisdiction. You know the types of questions that you answer over and over again during the initial consultation.

Let us help you turn that unique knowledge into the content on your website. Give your potential clients general information that answers their preliminary questions, and they will quickly determine that you are one of the best attorneys in town for their case.

We work with you to develop specific information explaining how these cases are handled in your jurisdiction. We write the content for your review. We work with you to edit the information until it conveys your message perfectly.

Our staff works with you and your staff to publish the most informative content available in your area to explain how you fight drunk driving cases in your city and state.

What Your Ideal Client Wants After a Drunk Driving Arrest is Information

From the client’s perspective, the person is not looking for just any attorney after an arrest for driving under the influence (DUI) or driving while impaired (DWI).

Instead, this person wants to know which attorneys in town focus primarily on drunk driving defense.

When the person begins their search, often within 48 hours after an arrest, they look for general information about the criminal charge, possible punishments, and defenses. The person will look at the documents they were handed after their arrest, such as the DUI citation.

They may search the internet for particular phrases found on those documents. Your ideal client may search for “Florida DUI Laws” or “California Drunk Driving Defense.”

After a DUI arrest, your ideal client will search online for information about protecting their driver’s license.

During their online search, the potential client will come across several websites developed by attorneys. Those attorneys have a distinct advantage because the client may call them during the first phase of their search,

Searching for an Attorney Focused on DUI Defense

Next, the client will narrow their search to find attorneys in their city or county. The client wants an attorney focused on DUI / DWI defense. The client might leave the site if the website discusses other practice areas, such as family law or personal injury.

It is possible to add other criminal defense categories to the website. Still, the website’s design is fundamental to keep the viewer’s attention during those first few seconds.

Additionally, the viewer may land on an interior page deep within the website and never see the homepage. For instance, the viewer may be looking for information about a “DUI arrest that involves a refusal to take a chemical test,” “first DUI penalties,” “DUI arrest after a car crash,” or “fighting the DUI breath test reading.”

Ideally, the potential client will use the search engines to click on a result that takes them directly to an interior page of your website that addresses that exact issue.

By answering those general questions on particular topics, you show the potential client your experience with their particular type of case.

We optimize the website so that search engines can point your ideal clients to the exact page on your website that answers their specific questions.

Searching for a Local Attorney Fighting DUI in the Right Jurisdiction

The potential clients are also looking for local attorneys in their area. A picture of the city or courthouse helps the client quickly realize that the website is for a local attorney.

The website’s home page must show the viewer that the law firm is focused on DUI / DWI cases in the jurisdiction where the drunk driving arrest occurred.

Your ideal clients are looking for indications that the law firm is recognized as leader in DUI defense in their jurisdiction.

You can also list information about the courthouses in your jurisdiction, DUI/DWI schools, and related information that is important for your current or potential clients.

Of course, each page of your website should list your address and a local phone number.

Video Marketing for DUI Defense Attorneys

The greatest compliment to a strong website for DUI attorneys is video. Online videos embedded on different pages throughout your website will enhance the page in multiple ways. Users are more likely to watch and/or listen to an informational video and retain the information than by simply reading text. Videos can connect with viewers in a more personal way and allow them to get to know you before they take the step to reach out to you about their case. Producing multiple videos covering very specific topics is the best way to enhance both the SEO and the user experience. For example, issues like challenging a breathalyzer test in Ohio OVI cases:

Internet Lava produces high quality videos covering an array of topics in order to supercharge an already strong website. This strategy works especially well for criminal and DUI defense firms because videos will build trust and confidence in the mind of the consumer so they feel more compelled to hire.

The DUI Attorney’s Biography

Next, the client will read the attorney’s biography. If the biography indicates that the attorneys have special education, training, and experience in drunk driving defense, the potential clients are more likely to contact the attorney for an initial interview.

If the website is designed correctly, the viewer will click on that attorney biography page while looking at the website.

If the website is designed properly, the next step taken by the viewer will be to contact the law firm to set up the initial consultation.

Verifiable Past Case Results to Highlight Your Experience

Like never before, your ideal clients can research many attorneys in their area looking for the perfect attorney for their particular type of case.

Your potential clients are looking for verifiable past case results and the answers to their questions regarding potential punishments and collateral consequences.

Your Online Reputation

Ideally, search engines would help the consumer find the best attorney for their particular type of case.

Being recognized as a great DUI attorney comes down to reputation. Are you known among defense attorneys, judges, and prosecutors for providing an excellent defense to your clients?

In the realm of internet marketing, your online reputation also matters. Is your website known among the other websites and blogs as the best website in your area for information on DUI / DWI defense?

If those websites link to your website, the search engines see those connections as indications of your online reputation.

Keys to Optimizing a DUI Defense Website

The most crucial technique for dominating the search engines in the highly competitive DUI / DWI field involves having more and better content than your competition.

Search engine optimization (SEO) involves the following factors:

  1. The number of pages on the websites (the more relevant well-written pages, the better);
  2. A content management system that allows the attorney to edit and add content on the website regularly to supplement the work the internet marketing company created when the website was launched;
  3. Working with an internet marketing company that continues to add additional content to the website and improve the content added by the attorney over time;
  4. Adequately tagged and unique photographs on each page of the website;
  5. Properly optimized and relevant videos on various topics related to DUI defense;
  6. The number of social media profiles that link to the website;
  7. Internal linking to see if the various pages on the website are linked together in a way most helpful to the viewer;
  8. Backlinks from other highly-respected and relevant websites.

Writing Content for a Drunk Driving Defense Website – Charges and Defenses

At Internet Lava, we provide attorneys with better content focused on their ideal cases. The content on the website should usually be divided into two categories. The particular types of DUI cases and the particular types of DUI defenses.

If there are hundreds of potential defenses to a DUI case, your website should have a separate page on as many defenses as possible.

If there are 15 different ways that the prosecutor can charge the offense, then your website should have 15 different pages for each type of charge.

Additionally, we use a content management system that allows the attorney to easily add or edit content at any time from any computer. We work with law firms on simple techniques for writing content for an attorney website.

If the attorney writes a memorandum of law on a particular topic unique to drunk driving defense, much of that information can be “cut and pasted” onto a particular page within the website.

If no page deals with that particular issue, the attorney can use our content management system to add another page of content within minutes.

Visit the website we created for DUI Attorneys in Tampa, Florida, with over 75 pages of unique and informative content on various criminal charges related to DUI, defenses, and collateral issues.

Read more about why attorneys spend too much on pay-per-click ads.

Our Solutions Marketing Busy DUI Attorneys

At Internet Lava, we focus on website design and internet marketing for criminal defense attorneys, particularly DUI / DWI attorneys.

You must be in charge of your internet marketing campaign. No company can do it all for you. But an internet marketing company can help you get started.

We can help you use your unique qualifications to highlight your experience. The best attorneys deserve the best websites.

Call us today to show you how our techniques and strategies can help you. We help you market your law firm so that your ideal clients contact you for an initial consultation.

If you want to focus on a particular niche area of the law, such as DUI, we can show you how to dominate the search engines to attract more of those cases.

DUI Attorney Internet and Website Resources

National College for DUI Defense NCDD – NCDD is a non-profit professional corporation devoted to providing information to the public about drunk driving laws and assisting attorneys that focus on this specialty area of criminal defense practice. The best DUI attorneys tend to be active in this organization.

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