Immigration Lawyer Website Design and Internet Marketing

Contact Internet LAVA to discuss website design and internet marketing solutions for immigration attorneys and law firms. We can help your immigration law firm with internet marketing to attract your ideal clients for either employment based immigration issues, family based immigration services, or for both.

At Internet LAVA, our websites get noticed by the search engines because of our unique content and easy to navigate content management system. Ideally, your website should help you target the exact types of clients that you want to attract. By providing unique content, the search engines will rank your website higher than your competition.

We also help the attorney quickly build an entire online presence by using all of the most relevant and well-respected resources available including:

Look at the top websites for immigration attorneys in your area. Notice the quantity and quality of their content. By building better content, your website will soon be able to surpass the competition. Additionally, while other attorneys are spending money on pay-per-click ads, for a fraction of that price you are building quality content that makes pay-per-click ads unnecessary.

Writing Content for Immigration Law Websites

At Internet LAVA we provide a different type of website for our client. We focus not only on designing the website for an immigration attorney, but also on providing the viewer with more informative content than other law firms in the area. We do all of the work for the attorney by adding the pages, organizational structure, and an impressive amount of initial content which is updated constantly thoughout the first year.

Then we go one step further by giving the attorney the ability to add additional content themselves simply by logging onto their website and making changes from any computer with an internet conneciton. By helping the immigration attorney write and edit content on their website we create a more cost effective product for our clients.

In turn, these websites perform better in the search engines. Contact us to find out how a content management system for your immigration law website gives you a huge advantage over your competition.

Topics for an Immigration Law Websites

Immigration law is so large and complex that many immigration attorneys focus in certain niche areas such as marriage-related immigration or foreign national employment based immigation. The attorney’s website should also focus on certain niche areas. As the content on the website also grows, so too will the practice. With a powerful website, the law firm may decide to expand into wider areas or may decide to focus on attracking more clients within their most profitable niche areas.

Your ideal clients are searching the internet right now looking for an immigration attorney to handle their legal problem. The key to showing up in the search engines for your most profitable niche markets is providing sufficient content on to answer the general questions of your ideal clients for any of the following topics:

  1. Business and employers interested in securing visas for their skilled employees;
  2. Criminal deportation defense or individuals threatened with removal because of criminal charges;
  3. Family reuniting;
  4. Green cards;
  5. Naturalization;
  6. Citizenship;
  7. Permanent Residency;
  8. Green Card;
  9. Non-Immigrant Visas
  10. Temporary employment-based visa
    • H-1B Visa;
    • TN occupation classification;
    • J-1 Visa or “Exchange Visitor” visa;
    • O-1 Visa or “Extraordinary Ability” visa in the sciences, arts, education, business or athletics;
    • E-1 Visa;
    • First Preference Immigration Petition (EB-1);
    • Employment-based Second Category (EB-2);
    • National Interest Waivers (NIW);
  11. Securing or renewing a visa;
    • Employment Based Visa;
    • Temporary Visas;
    • Immigration Visa;
    • Student Visa / F-1 /;
    • Fiancee / Fiance Visa;
    • L-1 Visa;
    • B-1 Visa;
    • K-1 Visa;
    • Victim of Crime Visa;
    • Violence Against Women Act (VAWA) Self-Petitions
  12. Immigration for Computer Professionals;
  13. Immigration Law for Medical Professionals;
  14. Foreign Medial Graduate Visas;
  15. Immigration for Religous Workers;
  16. Labor Certification;
  17. National Interest Waivers;
  18. Political Asylum;
  19. Witholding of Removal;
  20. CAT.

An entire website could be build around any one of these niche area. If the website is for a highly competitive area, an attorney may need one page (or many pages) on each of these issues that the attorney wants to target. The pages can be linked together so that the viewer can easily find information on the issue most important to that person.

Our Solutions for Marketing the Top Immigration Law Attorneys

We work with the attorney to create an website discussing as many of these immigration topics as desired by the client. We write informative content targeted to the specific jurisdictions in which you practice. The most important part of search engine optimization (SEO) is having better content then your competition. The competitiveness of your market places a large part in determining the amount of content required to dominate your market.

For immigration attorneys that want to dominate the internet, Internet LAVA provides cost-effective solutions with an immediate return on investment for certain niche areas, and a continued return on investment each year as the website grows more powerful. We help immigration attorney’s manage their online identity.

Contact us for a free consultation to discuss how we can help you grow your practice and market your law firm to your ideal clients.

Article last updated on Tuesday, June 2, 2015.

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