Marijuana Law Marketing and Website Design

Attract more of your ideal clients with exclusive marijuana law marketing and website design services from Internet Lava, LLC. Our internet marketing company provides a unique marketing program for criminal defense attorneys or other legal practices focusing on marijuana-related issues.

Marketing for a particular niche area is particularly effective, especially for attorneys with special training and experience within a particular area of law such as marijuana criminal defense or other practice areas within the emerging cannabis industry.

We believe that the best attorneys should have the best websites. By focusing on particular niche areas of the law you can help your ideal clients find you when they need your services the most.

Why are Drug Crimes Pages Popular While Marijuana Defense Pages are Scarce? Have you ever noticed how most criminal defense websites have a page on “drug crimes” but few websites have a section dedicated to cannabis-related charges?

Most attorney marketing companies are not willing to go the extra mile for their clients and add detailed pages about specific topics. At Internet Lava, LLC, we take a different approach by creating websites with better content that is fully comprehensive and truly customized to your practice and the message you want to convey to your ideal clients.

Our cost-effective solutions provide an incredible return on investment with both immediate and long-term results that strengthen over time. The attorneys that we represent usually get ten times the traffic on their marijuana crimes pages compared with their drug crimes pages. Why?

Potential clients do not use the same terms that most attorneys and their internet marketing companies often target. The same can be said about pages related to marijuana and other legal practice areas.

Our Company Sponsors the NORML Legal Seminars

For the past nine (9) years, Internet Lava, LLC, has sponsored the NORML NCL Aspen and Key West Legal Seminar. In the process of working with NORML and the attorneys on the National Legal Committee (NLC), our company has learned about the unique challenges facing attorneys in this practice area.

We also redesigned and power the popular NORML National Legal Committee membership directory. We understand the marijuana industry and what attorneys in this practice area need most when it comes to website design and internet marketing.

Why are we interested in attorneys on the NORML Legal Committee (NLC)?

  • NLC attorneys have already proven their dedication to the reform of marijuana laws.
  • NLC attorneys are the most up-to-date on particular changes in the law in this highly specialized area.
  • NORML provides other great internet marketing opportunities to these attorneys that can really benefit the attorney’s internet marketing campaign.
  • Individuals charged with marijuana crimes do not just want any criminal defense attorney, they want an attorney experienced with those particular kinds of cases. Many individuals charged with marijuana offenses are already familiar with NORML and appreciate the fact that a criminal defense attorney is willing to publicly support an organization they also support.
  • Most importantly, from our perspective, these attorneys are the most likely to benefit from our services and see an incredible return on their investment with a great website and internet marketing campaign devoted to this niche area of criminal defense.
  • For attorneys in other practice areas such as business formation, corporate law, environmental law,
  • Attorneys face unique challenges when other practice areas intersect with the heavily regulated related cannabis / hemp / CBD industry including:
    • administrative law;
    • banking law;
    • business litigation;
    • corporate law;
    • employment law;
    • environmental law;
    • family law;
    • insurance law;
    • products liability;
    • real estate law;
    • tax law; and
    • state and local government regulation and compliance.

We offer an exclusive criminal defense marketing and website design package to attorneys who are members of the NORML Legal Committee. Even outside of criminal defense, we understand the other types of practice areas related to the legalization of marijuana, hemp, and CBD.

Contact us for a free 30-minute consultation. During the consultation, we can take you on a tour of what your ideal clients in your city, state or region currently find when they begin their search for a qualified marijuana attorney online.

Marijuana / Pot / Weed / Cannabis Website Design for Attorneys

A truly professional image is vitally important for any business, especially law firms. At Internet Lava, we design websites that are fully customized to fit the exact look and feel that you would like.

With a visually stunning and customized website design, your professionalism and dedication will truly be reflected to your potential clients.

For attorneys involved with the NORML Legal Committee, we offer an internet marketing package that includes a custom-designed website with an entire section of 8 or more pages dedicated specifically to marijuana-related crimes or related practice areas with customized graphics and detailed information on each page.

Marijuana Defense and Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

For criminal defense attorneys dedicated to defending those charged with marijuana-related offenses, it is important to attain high rankings in major search engines for terms directly related to marijuana and cannabis related criminal offenses.

The following key terms are particularly important for optimizing the website:

  • Marijuana (but the search engines also look for related words like cannabis, weed, and pot);
  • Possession and possession with intent to sell;
  • Sell or delivery;
  • Cultivation;
  • Manufacturing;
  • Grow house operations;
  • Sting operations;
  • Hydroponic and gardening stores;
  • Trafficking;
  • Medical marijuana defenses;
  • Federal marijuana laws;
  • State marijuana laws;
  • Cannabis legalization; and
  • Legal reform.

By choosing Internet Lava as your website design and criminal defense marketing company, you can be assured that your niche areas of legal practice will be emphasized on your website and also on other web pages that promote your law firm.

You will be viewed as an authority in your jurisdiction for the most important and most profitable legal areas that are truly your favorite types of cases to defend.

Let us show you how our Search Engine Optimization (SEO) techniques are particularly effective for this niche area of criminal defense. Not only can you promote your practice and services, but you can also spread the word about legal reform issues that are important to you.

What is NORML?

The National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws (NORML) is a non-profit, public-interest lobby that has actively opposed marijuana prohibition for more than 30 years.

NORML is the voice of Americans who support the removal of all criminal penalties for the private possession, cultivation, and responsible use of marijuana by adults. NORML lobbies Congress and state legislatures for the implementation of cannabis policies that are more logical and cost-effective. NORML also provides expert witnesses who support the reform of marijuana legislation to assist those charged with marijuana-related offenses.

The NORML Foundation educates the American public on marijuana policy by providing legal support, publishing special reports, advertising, media campaigns, and by distributing a weekly news advisory to media outlets and activists for cannabis reform.

What is the NORML Legal Committee?

The NORML Legal Committee (NLC) is a group of lawyers throughout the United States who are dedicated to providing the best possible defense to victims who are arrested for violating current marijuana laws. NLC attorneys meet each year in Key West for the NORML Legal Committee Seminar to discuss legal issues related to defending marijuana consumers, and to support NORML by informing them of the current trends in law enforcement and judicial decisions regarding cannabis policies.

Lawyers who join NORML and participate in the NORML Legal Committee receive benefits including:

  • a discount at NORML’s Continued Legal Education (CLE) seminars,
  • qualify for a weekly online e-zine,
  • receive state and federal legislative alerts, and
  • qualify for advertising in High Times magazine.

In addition, NLC members are listed on NORML’s website directory of attorneys where individuals charged with marijuana offenses, and their friends and family can turn to find competent legal representation against marijuana-related criminal charges.

Attorneys who are members of the NLC are considered to be compassionate and focused on providing quality legal representation to those charged with marijuana-related offenses. NORML lawyers have attained many favorable victories that support the overall goals of NORML, including:

  • Protecting marijuana users from double jeopardy;
  • Protecting citizens fourth amendment rights from unreasonable searches and seizures;
  • Stopping the government’s usage of dangerous herbicides to destroy marijuana plants;
  • Securing the access to public domains such as parks for rallies and protests;
  • Obtaining the right for medical marijuana patients to use marijuana, via the medical necessity defense;
  • Limiting law enforcement’s use of infrared searches and helicopter over flights; and
  • Challenging inappropriate law enforcement activities regarding cannabis prohibition.

Contact Internet Lava for your Website Design and Marketing Needs

If you are an attorney and a member of the NORML Legal Committee and are interested in marketing your practice with a professionally designed website and a highly visible internet presence, contact Internet Lava today by calling (800) 292-Lava or by submitting the contact form on this page.

We offer an internet marketing service that will focus on your most profitable niche areas of the law, such as marijuana defense. Connect with more of your ideal clients by establishing a highly visible internet presence and a visually appealing website that will have new clients contacting you right away.

This article was last updated on Tuesday, February 4, 2020.

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