Local Service Ads for Attorneys

Google’s new Local Service ads were designed to help attorneys increase their leads while growing their business. For attorneys, Local Service ads help law firms connect with potential clients who search on Google for the legal services offered by the firm.

The law firm’s ads show up for potential clients in their service area. The attorney only pays if a potential client calls the firm directly through the ad.

Contact Internet Lava to help you design your search engine marketing strategy that includes optimizing the law firm’s local business listing on Google and setting up your Local Service ads in Google’s Screened program.

How to Sign up for Google’s Local Service Ads

To sign up for Google’s Local Service ads, the attorney first needs to verify the law firm’s business listing and provide a picture. Second, the law firm needs to enter the license number for each attorney, pass the background check, set a budget, and provide billing information.

When you add your license details, you must select the state in which the attorney has an active bar membership and enter the bar license number.

The attorney must maintain good standing with the bar to perform the legal services offered and booked through the Local Services by Google platform at all times.

You must acknowledge that Google LLC may request proof for a relevant license or registration from you at any time. Failure to provide proof of valid licenses or registrations may cause your ad to be paused.

Background Checks for Attorneys Using Local Service Ads

Local Services Ads has engaged Pinkerton Consulting & Investigations, Inc. to conduct background checks on your law firm and its attorneys. The company helps Google determine your law firm’s eligibility for Local Services Ads.

Participants must acknowledge Google’s Minimum Provider Requirements, and declare that they have registered all required Business Owners for the background check process through Pinkerton.

After submitting your law firm’s background check application, separate emails will be sent to the registered authorized representative and each attorney with instructions to submit their background check information.

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This article was last updated on Thursday, January 7, 2021.

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