Yahoo Search Marketing

At Internet LAVA, we understand the benefits of using Yahoo’s sponsored search marketing for a targeted pay-per-click campaign. Unlike most other business owners, attorneys are willing to overbid for the most competitive key terms and phrases. Although several years ago, attorneys saw a nice return on investment from using Yahoo’s sponsored search marketing and pay-per-click, the rapidly increasing bids for keywords had eliminated the chance for a healthy return on investment except for the most targeted niche areas of the law.

Yahoo Marketing for Law Firms and Attorneys

The Most Profitable Niche Areas for Your Yahoo Search Engine Budget

The main problem with the strategy used by most attorneys remains a failure to focus on their most profitable niche areas. Instead, attorneys just look at what every other attorney in town is doing and bid on the same keywords. Only by understanding your practice and your goals can an internet marketing company help you see a healthy return on investiment for the money you spend on Yahool Sponsored Search Engine Marketing. At Internet LAVA we understand that effective search engine marketing (SEM) requires an innovative approach.

Read more about pay per click advertising for attorneys including an entire page devoted to the following topics:

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Find out more about whether pay-per-click should be a part of the internet marketing strategy for your firm. At Internet LAVA we can show you why building a better and bigger website filled with informative content that answers the questions of your ideal clients before they settle on an attorney in your area will bring you a better return on investment.

Yahoo Search Marketing directly from Yahoo!

Yahoo Sponsored Search Marketing – watch the demonstration or tutorial from Yahoo which gives a very general overview of how pay-per-click campaigns actually work, including information on getting started and costs.

Update: Learn more about the Yahoo! & Microsoft Search Alliance – for attorneys interested in advertising on Bing ad Center and Yahoo! Search. Watch the short video discussing how Yahoo! & Microsoft are working towards an easier way to advertise on Yahoo! Search & Bing through Microsoft adCenter.

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