Google Plus for Attorneys

Promote your law firm online by creating a Google+ Page for your practice. Think of your Google+ Page as a free website that is guaranteed to show up well in the search engines when your potential clients look for your firm. Additionally, an effective Google+ campaign may also help your main website show up better in the search engines (often called “search engine optimization” or SEO).

The Google+ Page can help you make a lasting connection online with your clients in the following ways:

  • Post interesting articles that are breaking news within your area of practice;
  • Post links to articles created by attorneys within the firm;
  • Post information related to firm news;
  • Share content created by the attorneys in the firm on their own Google+ profile page;
  • Have real conversations with your ideal clients and colleagues by holding Hangouts to chat face to face and use Circles to share targeted messages with specific groups of followers; and
  • Connect across all of Google because your +1’s influence.

How to Guide – Creating the Law Firm’s Google+ Page

First, join Google+ as a user. Create your own Google+ Profile by adding pictures, videos, links to your profiles online, and a description of who you are with links back to your main website.

Second, create your Google+ Page . Add images and a brief description.

Third, circle Google+ Pages created by your friends and colleagues.

Effective Social Media Marketing for Attorneys on Google+

At Internet LAVA we do more than just design websites for attorneys. In order to dominate the search engines, we know that you must utilize each new technology as it emerges. We help attorneys stay one step ahead of their competition so they can dominate the search engines for their particular niche. Let us show you what we can do for your practice. Call Internet LAVA today to discuss your marketing needs.

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