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McConathy Law Firm Case Study
Law Offices of Richard C. McConathy
205% Growth in Revenue
143% Increase in Traffic
40% Marketshare Visibility
In the last 5 years with Internet Lava, The Law Offices of Richard C. McConathy grew 205% in annual revenue. From fiscal year 2016 to 2018 the firm grew 45% in annual revenue.
McConathy Video

Video Lava Technology

Viewers will share and embed your videos. Why? Because your content will be absolutely phenomenal. By doing so, they are linking directly back to your website instead of YouTube. This process will SEO your videos into overdrive.

Our technology will stream videos in high quality on both desktop and mobile for a superior user experience.

Mcconathy Mobile Video

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We'll analyze your goals and discuss strategy to determine the best course of action to bring your story to light.

    The Video Lava Difference

    Don't get burnt to a crisp. Learn why our video production and optimization services are the absolute best on today's market. Hands down.
    • You own your videos
      You own the rights to your produced videos. Unlike other companies who maintain ownership rights to all videos, we give you the rights. We don't display our branding at the end of every video. Instead, we focus on yours. You own your law firm. You should own your videos.
    • We optimize your videos from your website, not YouTube
      Any 5th grader can create a YouTube channel. Unlike other companies, we don't rely on YouTube for optimization. Instead, we build YouTube-style technology directly into your website. Embed, share, comment, and show up in Google search results, all from your website.
    • We publish all of your videos as soon as they are produced
      We understand that prospective clients are looking for this content right now and we want them to find your videos. Unlike other companies who will publish videos on a slow release (1 or 2 per month), we publish them to your website ASAP. You shouldn't have to wait a year to get a return on your investment.
    • We only serve law firms
      That's it. We do not provide services to other industries. This allows us to focus on strategies specific to the legal field. We know how to achieve success for our lawyer clients. It's all we do.
    • We do not sub-contract with multiple videographers
      We use the same video production team on every project. Other companies will hire an array of freelance videographers in order to reduce travel costs. Not us. We don't cut corners. We pride ourselves on consistency each and every time.
    • We help you create unique content for your niche practice areas
      Our on-staff attorneys help plan and draft the video content. Unlike other companies who produce very dry and scripted dialogue, we focus on providing unique information about specific areas of the law. We don't make you read from a script. Instead, we help you find your flow.
    • We don't hound you if you aren't ready
      We understand that video production is a big undertaking. Unlike other companies, we won't have aggressive sales agents calling and emailing you every other day for months on end. We're a small family-owned business and we treat our clients like family. Just call us when you're ready. We'll be here.

    Client Testimonials

    • Steven Bell
      Marketing, Advertising, Communication, Unique Branding, Customer Service, Google optimization and Blowing your competitors out of the water! If you are interested in shining in all aspects of those areas, then you should be calling Jason and his team at Internet Lava. I am a partner at Meltzer & Bell, P.A. in South Florida. I opened my company with my partner and we were two guys with no money and a 70,000 loan. Now we have 4 offices, 11 employees and a multi million dollar business. Why? Internet Lava. They kill it. They crush it. And they are hands down the best damn legal professional website/content creators in the world. I got my marketing and advertising degree from the University of Florida so I am a tough critic. Don’t make the mistake of hiring anyone else. These guys are legit!
      Steven K. Bell
      Meltzer & Bell, P.A.
    • Gerry Goldstein
      I have found Internet Lava to be a professional organization that has been extremely easy for our firm to utilize and work with. I’m seventy-five years old. The idea of the internet is something that was pretty foreign to me. But, Internet Lava taught me and showed me how to better present our firm and our presence has been an important one on the internet. We now have three new young associates. We’ve got two older associates, my law partner Cynthia Orr and I. Our image is something we take considerable pride in. Internet Lava has made us proud of that image and it is something I want to thank them for.
      Gerry Goldstein
      Goldstein, Goldstein, Hilley, and Orr
    • Richard C. McConathy
      I’m very satisfied with Internet Lava and Jason and his team. I was really attracted to the fact that he says “Hey, I provide optimization and web building services for guys in the legal industry”. When I got Jason involved, we went from fifteen to twenty-two clients, now averaging fifty a month, and we’re hoping to eventually hit the level of seventy a month. If you’re looking to build your practice-I don’t care if you’re in the northeast, if you’re on the west coast, if you’re in the southeast-wherever you are, these guys know what they’re doing. They’re going to get you in the market. They’re going to give you the edge. And at the end of the day you’re going to get the results you love. It’s worth the money. it’s worth the time. You need to hire Internet Lava.
      Richard C. McConathy
      Law Offices of Richard C. McConathy
    • Steven Bell
      I have been working with Internet LAVA since 2015. This company is professional, dedicated, and highly skilled at their craft. I recommend LAVA for all of your website needs!
      Nicholas J. Neidzwski
      Anderson Carey Williams & Neidzwski, PLLC
    • Steven Bell
      "I’ve been working with Internet Lava for more than 7 years. They designed a beautiful website for me and optimized it so well that I am always on the top of the Google searches. Thanks to Jason Miller and his team, my business has increased exponentially, despite the huge competition here in New York City. It was hands down the best investment I ever made.
      Rochelle S. Berliner
      Law Offices of Rochelle S. Berliner
    • Steven Bell
      "Internet Lava has been the best money spent on my business and it’s not even close. They’ve done everything they said they would, the updates, keeping the site at the top of searches and most importantly, bringing in new clients.
      Ashley Aulls
      Law Office of Ashley Aulls

    Video Marketing for Lawyers

    Get Started Today To Launch Your Videos

    When it comes to developing an effective internet marketing strategy, your law firm needs high quality videos. You instinctively know why video is the best way to tell your law firm’s story. If a picture is worth a thousand words, a video is worth a million.

    Video helps you showcase your firm’s unique qualifications for a niche area of the law. The better your qualifications and experience, the more you can benefit from having high quality videos.

    When done correctly, video helps you attract and convert your ideal clients. The goal is not just generating new leads through your website, but also dramatically increasing the quality of those leads, the average case value, and the overall conversion rate.

    Video marketing works in three ways. First, video helps you increase your conversions from the traffic your website already gets. Second, your website gets more traffic as a result of the SEO benefits resulting from the videos. Third, by embedding the videos on other online platforms, you can turn social media into a revenue driver for your practice.

    By bridging the gap between video production and online marketing, distribution and implementation, the team at Internet Lava creates a unique value proposition for law firms. The return on investment begins immediately after the videos are implemented into your website.

    Simply uploading your videos to YouTube is not enough and doesn’t provide your website with much SEO benefit. Any 5th grader can create a YouTube channel. We take a much different approach.

    What is Video Lava?

    Video Lava is YouTube-style technology built directly into your website. When a user comments on your video, embeds your video, or clicks on your video from search results, they are interacting directly with your website, not YouTube.

    This technology combined with compelling and informative video content will send your marketing efforts into hyperdrive. Users will be inspired by your videos and want to engage with them. By doing so, users are enhancing your website’s credibility with search engines. This makes for a comprehensive strategy combining video marketing and SEO.

    At Internet Lava, we help law firm’s build their brand, dominate online for their niche practice areas and utilize video to tell their story. If you are serious about creating videos for your law firm, let us guide you through the process from pre-production planning, the multi-day video shoot, editing, and implementation.

    Why You Need Video Now

    When it comes to video marketing for law firms, the time to act is now. High quality videos provide the best return on your investment for your marketing budget. From the moment the videos launch, it instantly begins to attract and convert your ideal clients into true believers.

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