Google Screened Program

Google Screened Program for Lawyers and Law Firms

At Internet Lava, LLC, we help law firms set up their advertising strategy for the new Google Screened program. Attorneys with a well-established law firm with impressive online reviews benefit the most from advertising on Google’s Local Services Ads (LSAs).

We can help you get more leads and grow your business using Local Services Ads. For some campaigns, Local Services Ads are a better fit. As a result, we have helped our clients stop advertising online with Google Ads, and shift a percentage of their marketing budget to Google’s Local Services Ads.

With Local Services Ads, clients pick your law firm from a list of law firms so they’re more likely to book your services directly.

Local Services Ads are different because you pay for leads and not clicks. You only pay when clients get in touch with your law firm through your ads. As a result, attorneys can focus on real results for their practice.

Another benefit of LSAs is the emphasis on Google’s “badge of trust.” The ads also use the phrase “Google Guaranteed.” Potential clients can identify an eligible law firm because it has the Google Screened symbol by their name and on their profile page.

Contact us to schedule a call so we can walk you through our services and discuss the program in detail. Find out more about how we help lawyers and law firms earn the Google Screened Badge.

We can help you apply for the Google Screened badge and optimize your local service ads on Gooogle. Most importantly, we can help you use your advertising budget wisely without spending too much on pay per click or pay per lead ads.

At Internet Lava, LLC, our team of experts can ensure you get off to a great start by helping you set up your account and make the best use of your marketing budget over time. As Google continues to make changes, we can make performance suggestions concerning your Google Ads account.

Google Local Services Advertising for Lawyers

With Google’s  Local Services Adversiting, you pay for phone leads instead of clicks. Advertise for specific services and target specific locations.

Eligible categories for the legal vertical include:

  • Bankruptcy Attorney
  • Business Attorney
  • Contract Attorney
  • Criminal Attorney
  • Disability Attorney
  • DUI Attorney
  • Estate Attorney
  • Family Attorney
  • Financial Planners
  • Intellectual Property Attorney
  • Immigration Attorney
  • Labor Attorney
  • Litigation Attorney
  • Malpractice Attorney
  • Personal Injury Attorney
  • Real Estate Agents
  • Real Estate Attorney
  • Tax Attorney
  • Tax Specialist
  • Traffic Attorney

Contact Internet Lava, LLC, to find out how you can generate more leads with Google Screened.

What are Google’s Local Service Ads?

Google’s Local Service Ads are a new advertising platform that helps clients find qualified attorneys in their area. Local Service Ads can be seen right at the top of Google’s search engine results page. The ads help you connect with potential clients right when they begin their search for a qualified attorney. Earning the Google Screened badge helps your law firm build trust with the potential client before they even pick up the phone.

In the Google Screened program, you only pay for leads related to your specialty practice areas and the legal services you offer.

Benefits of the Google Screened Program

The benefits of signing up with Internet Lava, LLC, for creating your Google Screened Program strategy include:

  •  a dedicated account manager who takes a full-service approach;
  • help with completing the Google Screened application and answering all of the questions;
  • assistance with dynamic bid management and monthly budget optimization;
  • training on using the Google Screened dashboard;
  • assistance with recertification and documents management to keep your Google Screened Status;
  • monitoring of your law firm’s responsiveness when responding to incoming leads;
  • optimizing your law firm’s other online profiles for early access and invitations to Google “beta” products;
  • advice on responding to any complaint from a lead; and
  • streamlined billing support so you can determine the return on investment in real-time.

We help law firms during each phase of Google’s pre-screening process and beyond.

How Much Do Google Screened Ads Cost?

Law firm using the Google Screened program only pay for leads related to their law firm and the services provided by the firm. We can help you with each stage of the process including:

  • setting a weekly budget that limits the total number of leads you receive in any given week;
  • optimizing the bidding strategy to target the law firm’s most profitable leads; and
  • disputing invalid leads.

Advertisers using Google Screened are charged for each lead the firm receives. The prices for leads are set, so you’ll never pay more for leads than the amount you specify in your weekly budget.

The benefits of the Google Screened program is that you only pay for valid leads. Valid leads are related to your law firm and the services the firm offers. A valid lead requires that the customer finds your Google Screened ad and contacts you. You answer a phone call or receive a text message about a service/job type that you provide in the geographic market you are targeting during your available business hours, and the call lasts longer than 30 seconds.

At Internet Lava, LLC, we work on a month-to-month basis with all of our clients. We charge a flat rate monthly fee based on your total advertising budget.

This article was last updated on Thursday, January 7, 2021.


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